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Swann College is a Registered Training Organisation delivering Nationally Accredited Courses throughout Australia. We are based in Adelaide South Australia and specialise in Automotive Training . We have a diverse, progressive environment in which you can enrich your skills and join in with the community.

Located in the centre of Adelaide City our campus is easy to access via public transport and our Automotive Workshop training facility is a real operating business. What better way to truly understand what occurs in the Automotive Trade.

We have a great association with the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME) who ensure our training is accurate and up to date with today’s practices.

Stop your passion just being a dream, enroll with us now to start your career in Automotive. 


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Amrinder Singh

Director, Swann College

I have a rich blend of academic and corporate experience. My approach is to ensure our curriculum at Swann College is designed to help you develop your skills in the Automotive industry. We teach skills which will accredit and develop you from apprentice through to management.

I am one of the Directors of Swann College. My responsibilities include developing key sales growth strategies and action plans. I love building relationships and networks that assist our clients.

Gurjinder Singh

Director, Swann College

As the Director of Swann College, strengthening our programs through our faculty and students while serving the developing world is our priority. Our Mission is to be an Institution of distinction that is committed to the development of human capacities by disseminating knowledge on the core principles of: quality, access, impact and relevance. 

As a qualified Automotive Mechanical Engineer, I am enthusiastic to bring my vision of how I would want to be trained and educated in the Automotive industry to Swann College.

We are an educational sector that is committed to providing excellence for every Student whose learning and education is entrusted to our care. Our learning experiences are grounded in beliefs. We want every student to experience success according to their unique characteristics and talent

We pride ourselves with the diverse programmer that we offer which are country targeted and regionally relevant. The community outreach programmes actively engage local communities and governments. This mode of operation has strengthened the vibrant nature of our faculty because what they teach is combined in theory and practice.

My experience has given me a great insight into the development of the changes and technological developments and I see Swann College embracing these changes with gusto. 

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Adrian Huckel

General Manager

Thank you for choosing SWANN COLLEGE for your education in Automotive & Business.

My experience in the automotive industry spans over 35 years and I have many years of training experience in the industry as well as training international students.

Our training programmes have been designed to give you a high quality of learning by very qualified trainers from our modern training rooms to our practical workshop.

We have unique and well equipped practical training facilities which are a fully operational business. You will experience real environment practical training in an automotive repair workshop that a simulated workshop cannot compare. We have fully qualified trainers that will teach you through that experience.

You will then carry out your field placement component of your training in other operational business automotive workshops so you can gain that extra experience and put in practice what you have learnt.

Please enjoy your stay with us and all the best for the future.