Enrolment Form - International (Off shore)

Including a GTE section

Offshore Student

Enrolment Form - Intl


Information requested on this form is for national database and tracking purposes and assists in ongoing qualification issuance as required. All data is confidential and is not forwarded to any other party with the sole exception of the national statistical database to inform future federal funding in Vocational Training. This enrolment form contains a compulsory Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) section that is required to be completed.


Swann College currently has 2 locations in Australia. Please select one:

Personal Details

Family Name
Given Names
Residential Address
Residential Address
Postal Address
Postal Address


Course Details

Name of Course/Qualification you wish to enroll in:

Course Details

Language and cultural diversity

Are you of aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?
(For persons of both Aboriginal AND Torres Strait Islander origin, mark both “Yes” boxes)
Were you born in Australia?
Is English you first language
Do you speak a second language
How well do you speak English?
Have you completed an English Proficiency Test within the last 12 months?
Maximum upload size: 2MB
English Proficiency Test/Certificate

Visa Information

Have you visited Australia before?
Have you breached any visa conditions?
Have you ever been refused a visa from Australia?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime or offence in any country?
Maximum upload size: 2MB


Do you consider that you have a disability, impairment, or long-term condition?

(You may indicate more that one area)


What is your highest completed school level?

Are you still attending secondary school?

Previous achieved qualifications

Have you successfully completed any of the following qualifications?
Previous qualifications

Employment Details

Employment Type

Of the following categories, which BEST describes your current employment status?

Employment Type

Study Reason

Of the following categories, which BEST describes your main reason for undertaking this course/traineeship /apprenticeship?

Study Reason

Student Checklist

Please upload the following documents

Passport, English Language Test/Results, Schooling Certificates, Resume
You can upload multiple files (max 4 files) or combine all files in one Zip or PDF file format
Maximum upload size: 5MB

Family Information

Do you have any relatives or friends in Australia?
If yes, please provide their details:
Do you have any immediate family members (e.g. children, parents) who will remain in your home country whilst you are in Australia?
What is your relationship status?
If you have a spouse/partner, is he/she coming to Australia with you, as a dependent on your student visa?
If yes, has he/she previously applied for an Australia visa?
Do you have any children?


What do you expect your total expenses to be for the duration of your stay in Australia? Please include the cost for dependents (if applicable).


Dependents, including partner

Maximum upload size: 134.22MB

Study Information

Have you previously applied or currently are applying for admission at other Australian education providers?
Have you previously studied in Australia?

Other Information

Statement of purpose

Please attach a Statement of Purpose outlining the reasons for undertaking your intended course/s at Swann College. The Statement of Purpose is to be identical to the statement you intend to lodge with your visa application with the Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP).

The Statement of Purpose needs to cover the following points:

  • Your reasons for choosing to undertake the course of study specified in your application.
  • Your reasons for choosing Swann College.
  • Your reasons for choosing to study in Australia rather than in your home country.
  • The relevance of your intended course/s to your academic and/or employment background.
  • The relevance of the course/s to your future career/educational plans.
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB

Student Declaration

I understand that information contained in these forms may be provided to State and Commonwealth government agencies and I consent to that occurring. I certify that all details provided on these forms are true & correct and are not misleading in any way. I declare that Swann College may refuse my application or cancel my enrolment if any information is found to be incorrect, false or misleading.

I have been explained by the agent and understand the fee structure and the refund policy.

Agent Declaration

  1. I have assessed the applicant as a genuine temporary entrant and a genuine student as defined by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection at
  2. To my best knowledge, the applicant is genuine in making this application and has every intention of completing all programs listed in the application.
  3. I have made every effort to verify the authenticity and validity of the documentation attached and related to this application. I am satisfied that the applicant has genuine access to the total funds required while in Australia to cover all costs for the duration.
  4. I recommend the College proceed with the assessment for admission of this applicant.
  5. I confirm that the student has signed this application form.
  6. I have provided the student’s personal email address and residential address.
  7. I declare that I will forward all correspondence as applicable to this application to the student.

Office Use Only

Application submitted
Application accepted